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Not successfully exploiting a growth opportunity can not only be a missed profit opportunity but lead to significant future business risk

Making the most of your business opportunities

Absolute Partners help businesses capture profitable growth opportunities. We mix strategic, creative minds with strong commercial and practical skills and a results focus.    

We compliment the current team by bringing a fresh perspective and different experiences as well as extra man power to get things done. We are about challenging businesses to create solutions and then action.

We work with businesses to challenge or develop their growth opportunities and then help work with them to execute on these. This can include help with developing the new strategy, team, structure, negotiating agreements, processes, systems, prioritization of actions and capital allocation, capital raising, market review and integration. We also often help set up and run new areas enabling the business to continue to focus on its core.


  • The business has grown fast and needs to set itself up to become a much larger business – aligning strategy, structure, systems and resources
  • Building a new business and needing help to get it done
  • Help setting up and running a business for IPO or sale
  • Help determining and negotiating partnerships, JV and M&A opportunities
  • M&A integration
  • Needing an independent outside view to challenge and work on the opportunity
  • Needing a strategy developed to determine and prioritise growth opportunities


Absolute Partners is presently helping an online retailer build a new division. We are acting as the Executive Chairman to work with the team charged with setting up this business to challenge the model and help tactically.

We are also working with three businesses which are at various stages of raising capital and getting a high growth online digital business ready for its next stage of growth, including a global expansion. The business is profitable and founders extremely capable but speed and laying a firm base is key for taking advantage of the many opportunities available.


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