Breaking down the current mindset to find new solutions and deliver on these is key

A relentless focus on driving business improvement

In the current low growth environment, with many disruptive changes, there are many businesses that are finding it difficult to maintain their margin and profit levels or to grow. Success in this situation often requires the business to be looked at quite differently, with a fresh perspective and strong analysis.

Absolute Partners works with the business to challenge or develop their business model identifying opportunities and underperformance. We then work with the management to help transform the business by implementing key initiatives that improve profit in the short-term and medium term. We play a key role, side-by-side Management. Whilst improving short-term profit we also work on determining growth opportunities and help execute on these. 

We have a proven track record in:

  • New strategy development or refinement
  • Restructure – operational, financial and strategic
  • Run business to sell
  • Rightsizing business
  • Cost reduction programs
  • M&A integration
  • Setting up and running a PMO
  • Business improvement and earnings/contribution analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Capital management – including capital allocation
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Acquisition or divestments
  • Developing new partnerships


Absolute Partners is presently working for six months with an online financial services business that has found maintaining profits at historical levels difficult in the current environment. We have provided an interim MD and specialized strategic advice. We are reviewing the management, financials, structure, partnering and M&A opportunities whilst putting in place a more robust team, processes and systems to strengthen the base business.

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