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Clients often say that they wish they had known about us earlier

Abi Cleland has one of the sharpest business brains I’ve seen. She is always prepared to speak her mind, and to do it in a way that’s both constructive and immensely helpful. Her experience with both large and small businesses is rare and helps her provide valuable insights for both growing and mature businesses.  At Australian Independent Business Media, Abi consistently added value with her contributions as a director, in terms of strategic direction, financial controls and broad governance as well. 

Alan Kohler
Business Spectator
Founder/Chairman AIBM

Manvinder played a key supporting role in the success of the Virtus Health IPO in June 2013. Faced with the challenge of working in a small group office business team confronted by multiple advisers from lawyers, reporting accountants, tax advisers, investment banks, insurers and commercial banks, Manvinder rolled his sleeves up and engaged with all advisers on a broad range of work streams covering every aspect of the IPO. Manvinder’s grasp of our business and the challenge of the IPO was immediate; his commitment to the success of the IPO never wavered

Glenn Powers
Virtus Health Limited

I have had the good fortune of working with Abi Cleland in the past and found her ability to develop the high level strategy for a business, formulate an action plan and then execute the plan across a diverse range of industries best in class.   I am a champion for the interim CEO model that Abi has successful used (which i have been part of) for different organisations requiring a fast turnaround, stabilisation of the business or growth.  The interim CEO brings energy, experience and a new fresh perspective to the business which delivers superior results.  

Greg Stevenson
Managing Director
K&S Corporation

Abi is the person you want at your side when you have difficult strategic and commercial decisions - whether turnaround or growth related. The ability to work out business model solutions that are clever and able to be executed are second to none. Abi makes things happen. I hope to be able to entice Abi and Absolute partners to work with me again in the future.

Julian Segal
MD and CEO

Absolute Partners did a great job today.  I can see how well this is coming together thanks to your involvement and I really liked the dynamism and pace of today’s discussion.  Well done.

Group Executive Manager
Large Retailer

I worked with Abi in a major bank for a number of years and have first-hand experience of her outstanding skills. Abi has broad experience across a wide range of industries,  both in strategic advisory roles as well as business leader roles. This is evident in her approach to her work, which is incredibly practical as she considers the challenges in implementing strategy rather than merely providing advice. She has put her outstanding analytical skills to good use when managing businesses, ensuring plans were based on well-researched insights, leading to outstanding performance outcomes. When I'm asked to recommend someone to help a business work on their strategic direction, or get themselves into optimal shape, I can recommend nobody better than Abi.

Margaret Payn
Former - GGM
ANZ Bank

The netwealth Group engaged Absolute Management to provide one of our subsidiaries new leadership and a revised strategy and structure, in a rapidly changing external landscape. Absolute provided us with a unique proposition providing an interim head for the business together with support from the Absolute MD providing thought leadership, strategy  and advice to me and senior management. The fresh eyes, probing, analysis and leadership has lead to significant change in the business in a short time. Addressing the business model whilst actively involved in the business has been a huge advantage. I anticipate that Absolute partners will remain an important adjunct to the Netwealth group for many years."  

Michael Heine
CEO and founder
Netwealth Pty Ltd

Manvinder supported the senior executive at Virtus Health through our recent IPO process. Manvinder was able to assimilate quickly into the business and quickly gained business insight to become a valuable contributor through the IPO  process.  Manvinder gained our confidence quickly  and provided significant  support to the executive team. He has a calm and measured  approach and maintained this amidst a significant work load and pressured environment.  Manvinder's broad experience both financially and strategically and his strong  communication skills both verbal and written were  invaluable to the business through this critical time which resulted in a successful IPO.  I would highly recommend  Manvinder for any project that required financial and strategic analysis and  development and implementation of detailed processes within a tight  legal framework and timelines.

Sue Channon
Virtus Health Limited

Abi is one of those rare people who is great at both zooming in (hands-on, nitty gritty execution) and zooming out (strategy and development). She adds great value for smaller companies who need both.

Tony Faure
Chairman Pollenizer
Chair Sound Alliance

Absolute Partners is a powerhouse of independent analysis and progressive thinking.

William Scott
Chair and founder
Aussie Farmers Direct

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